Hot + Fresh Mini Donuts 

Vanilla Minis

Served hot + fresh straight from the fryer, there's nothing "plain" about these vanilla minis. Extra nutmeg + a hint of lemon help elevate these simple donut into something simply snacktacular. 

Funky Flavors

Apple Cider / Cinnamon-Sugar / Powdered Sugar

Take our vanilla minis + have them tossed with one of several droolworthy toppings. Choose from Apple Cider-Infused Sugar, Cinnamon/Sugar, or Powdered Sugar.*

*We're always experimenting with new, better, tastier toppings, so you may find us serving up additional flavor combinations, but we'll always have the above. 

Fancy Toppings, Dips, etc. 

Plain Minis w/ Hot Fudge Dipping Sauce

Do you fancy something finer for your donut flavors?

We got you, too, fancy pants. 

Hot fudge, hot cinnamon goo, or other custom toppings available for rentals and catered events...just let us know what you flavor you have in mind! 

Donut Sundaze

Hot Fudge + Apple Pie Donut Sundaze

We don't make these at every event because, frankly, these aren't for your everyday donut devotee. A big boat of hot + fresh minis covered with decadent heaps of hot fudge, cinnamon goo, marshmallow goo, cheesecake frosting, or apple pie filling, then topped with whipped cream + sprinkles. 

Come hungry or bring a friend! 

 Interested in catering? Contact us for more information.